$ 795.00 per person ( 2 days & 1 night ) 


Our guide staff has trained under the finest competitive Euro-nymph anglers, we have made constant adjustments to our leader design, fly design, water selection, and technical execution, and we are ready to share what we have learned in a fully immersive Euro Camp on the Deschutes River !!!

The Euro camp is designed to give students a more comprehensive understanding of techniques and tactics used by competitive anglers. A huge component for success is learning how to approach each piece of water with a clear strategy in mind. Small changes from tippet length to fly selection to where you are simply standing play a pivotal role. Our Euro Camp will go in depth into the different strategies used to really up your catch rate.

Day one we will spend a fair bit of time developing the fundamental techniques of a good drift. Emphasis will be placed on casting, rod position, feathering the drift and tension without drag. When demonstrated every step looks simple but you will quickly discover that putting all the pieces together is difficult. (If you have taken one of our 1 day clinics, the instructors will help you with the subtle adjustments needed to achieve a perfect drift.) We will fish several different pieces of water along the way forcing the students to adjust as water speed and depth change. Typically we are in camp around 5 p.m. where appetizers will be waiting followed by a delicious BBQ dinner around 6:30 p.m. The evening will be dedicated to learning how to tie some of the best euro nymphs for the Deschutes river so bring a tying vice and tools if you want to join in.

Day two will start with breakfast and coffee and then onto the river around 6 a.m. We will first focus dry-dropper fishing with the Euro rig learning how to cast and present the flies and the water types best suited for this method. We will then transition to a full nymph rig and focus on fishing a broad array of water types from riffles, back eddies to wide open glides. At each stop the instructor will discuss what approach to take and why it is the best strategy for that specific type. Often times several adjustments will be made in the course of fishing one particular piece of water based on current speed, depth and structure. In addition, you will learn how to make minor changes in your drift by adjusting your cast, angle of your sighter and stance to change the presentation. Day two will wrap up around 5 p.m. and we will back to the shop around 6 p.m.

Space will be limited and spots will go fast! Call the shop to get your spot reserved today!

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