Dream Job!

Dream Job!

This is not a fishing report, or maybe it IS a different kind of fishing report.....

We are looking for a seasonal employee to work this summer and fall in the fly shop.  So, essentially, we are fishing for a new employee!

Here is the inside of about one third of the shop (for those of you who have not been inside):


The resumes have already begun to roll in, so get your name in the hat if you are ready for a fun and busy summer of living the dream. These could be your bearded coworkers....


Here is the job description that we posted on 


Deschutes Angler Fly Shop is looking for a team player to join us in the shop for the 2021 season. Your start date coincides with the beginning of our massive salmonfly hatch – a time of complete and total mayhem on the river and in the shop. The season wraps in late November after months of chasing chrome-bright migratory steelhead.

Spend your summer and fall living in the beautiful high desert of Oregon, where trout and summer run steelhead far outnumber the residents of the town of Maupin. This is the only town on the lower 100-mile section of the Deschutes River – the only stretch of the Deschutes with native wild rainbow trout and steelhead. You can hit the river at daybreak and fish for several hours before work, or slip into your waders after hours and slide on down to the river. The river is less than one minute from our front door.

We are searching for someone with a passion for fly fishing. Aptitude is more valuable to us in an employee than eons of experience. If you are willing to dive deep into all things fly fishing, you have a once in a lifetime opportunity to work alongside some of the legends of fly fishing. 

Our fly shop one of the largest and most well-stocked destination fly shops in the country. Thousands of anglers flock to the Deschutes to tangle with powerful trout and to swing flies for steelhead. We are here to help them get the gear that they need to make their trip a success.

Our team members are those that see a task that needs to be done and take it from start to finish. This could be anything from washing a smudgy window, to dusting some glass shelves, to fitting a customer in a pair of waders, to helping anglers choose the right flies for the day, to spooling up reels with backing and fly line, to giving a brief casting lesson in the park while test driving a few new fly rods. 

We are willing to train the best candidate.

Job Description

The Position is May 1 – November 30 

Working behind the counter at the shop, giving helpful advice, good fly recommendations, and general river knowledge.

Retail sales are the primary focus, but everyone pitches in to restock shelves, tidy up the shop, and do whatever is needed on the sales floor.

Filling online orders, talking with customers on the phone, booking guided fishing trips, schools, and clinics.

Hourly pay commensurate with skill level ($15-20 per hour to start).

Job Qualifications

Basic Fly Fishing Experience is Mandatory (don’t even try to fake your way into this job, please)

Retail Experience is Helpful (running a point of sale system is not rocket science – we can teach those skills)

Great sales skills (enthusiasm and excitement while helping fellow anglers gear up)

Incredible patience (you will be enduring a few long-winded fish stories with wild exaggerations)

Basic Computer Skills (someone who has not been living in a cave for the past 30 years)

A General Knowledge of the Geographic Area (this can be learned quickly, thanks Google Earth)

Fly Tying Experience is Helpful (we have an incredible selection of tying materials)

Great Communication Skills and Confidence Working with a wide range of Anglers 

Organizational Skills are Helpful 

Ability to Work as Part of a Team is a must

Enthusiasm and a sense of humor are welcome with open arms 

Send resumes to:


  • Man, I am so envious of whoever gets the job. I would love to work with you guys, unfortunately I live 2 and a half hours away. Either ways, I hope you guys find the right fit.

    Roberto Ponce Velez

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