Deschutes River

Deschutes River

Oregon’s Deschutes River is a scenic waterway that cuts a nearly 300 mile long path through the heart of Central Oregon’s high desert. The river has humble beginnings in the mountains south of Bend, but as it flows northward the Deschutes grows larger and larger thanks to many tributaries and boiling desert springs. The most famous stretch of this magnificent river, known as the Lower Deschutes, starts just North of the town of Madras and flows 100 miles north to the confluence with the Columbia River. It is the Lower Deschutes River that draws fly anglers from around the world in pursuit of wild trout and summer-run steelhead.

The Lower Deschutes River is spectacular to float, with many roadless miles and riverside camping spots along its banks. Where there are roads that parallel the river, they are mostly primitive gravel roads or hiking trails. The Deschutes River is in the 1% of our nation’s rivers to be federally designated as a wild & scenic river. This designation has protected the land along the river from development. On a few of our floats you will see a couple of cabins along the river, but the majority of what you will experience is pure wilderness.

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