$625.00 per day for 1 or 2 anglers

The majority of our day float trips originate from our fly shop in the town of Maupin. With 40 miles of primitive road access along the Deschutes, we are able to take our guests on different floats each day over the course of their stay. Most of the popular day floats are a stone’s throw from our fly shop. Maupin is less than two hours drive from either Portland or Bend, so it is easy to drive in for the day and return to the city that evening. Our small town has a handful of hotels and restaurants to accommodate anglers wishing to stay and fish for a couple of days. Our typical trout trip starts at 8:00 AM and wraps up around 5:00 PM. Our guests meet the guides at the fly shop where they pick up a few flies, leaders, tippet, etc. to be ready for the day on the water. When everyone has donned their waders, the guests will climb into the guide’s truck and will drive to the river with drift boat in tow. A day float will cover between five and fifteen miles of water. Lunch, snacks and beverages are provided on all full day floats. Since it is against the law to fish from any floating device on the Deschutes River, our guides use drift boats as a mode of transportation and to access both sides of the river. The guide stops the boat at various spots throughout the day for guests to wade and fish. Wading the Deschutes is challenging in spots, but our guides know every rock in the river and will edit the wading to fit your ability.


Deschutes Redside trout are as powerful inch for inch as any rainbow trout on the planet. Dry fly fishing is our specialty, and we plan our trips in order to have you in the best water at the best times of day to take advantage of the hatches. Your guide is a bird dog, scrambling up the bank to a high vantage point to spot your next target. Once a feeding trout is located, your guide will be at your side to line you up for an opportunity at a fish of a lifetime. The beauty of the desert canyon can be distracting, so keep your eyes on the prize while wading and enjoy the scenery as you float to the next great spot.


$450.00 for 1 or 2 anglers

Our wildly popular Evening Hatch trout floats are a great option for the visiting angler. These float trips are available during prime trout season when the days are long and the evening hatches are heavy - May 15 through August 1. We launch the boat at 5 PM and finish the float at twilight, which means that you will be fishing right up until it is too dark to see to tie on another fly. As the light leaves the water and the sun dips behind the canyon walls the trout fishing can be insane. The bug hatches are so thick at times that you need to wear a bandana over your mouth to keep from inhaling bugs on every breath. The fishing is fast and furious as the trout lose their inhibitions as we lose the daylight. This is our least expensive float trip option and a great way for those with limited time to get exposed to the wonderful trout fishing the Deschutes has to offer.



No matter your group size, we can customize a multi-day camp trip for you to take advantage of the best trout fishing the Deschutes has to offer. If you are alone or you have only two anglers in your group, you have the choice between a Safari-style camp trip and a Traditional Camp trip. Any group larger than two anglers will always be on a Safari-style camp trip.


$625.00 per person per day

On a Safari-style camp float we employ one guide to serve as the full-time camp host, chef, and gear boat captain. His role during the Safari-style camp trip is to row several miles ahead of the guide boats to establish a top quality camp. While our guests enjoy a day of fishing, the camp host will convert a primitive campsite into a comfortable living space complete with a wall tent, guest sleeping tents, cots, tables, chairs, sunshades, a washing station, a kitchen, and a privy. Every pair of anglers will share a walk-in tent with plenty of headroom for standing, two cots, sleeping pads, and a lantern. The tents are provided in case of rain and for those who need some privacy, but many choose to carry their cot out of the tent to sleep under the starry desert sky. We do not have mosquitos or gnats or other pesky insects on the Deschutes, so you can truly enjoy the outdoor experience in comfort. Safari-style camp meals are served at the dining table inside the wall tent. The walls of the tent offer protection from the afternoon winds that blow on the Deschutes as well as some needed shade on hot days. After dinner, the dining table is often the center of festivities for guests who wish to stay up late enjoying the sound of the river and the brilliant stars.


Safari-style trout camp floats are three to five day float trips covering 37-46 miles of river over the course of the trip. We can accommodate groups as large as six anglers or as small as one angler. Pricing is based on even numbers of anglers with two anglers per guide boat. If you have an odd number of anglers you will be charged the rate of the next highest even number of anglers.


$600.00 per person per day

3 days & 2 nights ONLY

This type of float trip is available for groups of one or two. We offer the traditional-style trip as a cost effective way for two fishing buddies to have their own private camp trip. On a traditional-style trip, the guide is a jack-of-all-trades. He guides the anglers for trout all day, and sets up the camp in the evening as the guests fish in the camp water. The guide is the chef, the clean up crew, and the schlepper of all gear. Traditional-style camps are not quite as elaborate as one would experience on a safari-style camp trip. However, traditional camp trips offer the same great meals and camping experience as a Safari-style trip in a lighter more efficient package. These self-supported trips can be one night/two days or two nights/three days.



All trout camp trips, safari-style or traditional, launch from Warm Springs or Trout Creek and float 37 or 46 miles to finish in Maupin. We meet our guests at our fly shop in Maupin and transport them to the put-in, thus saving them the expense of having their personal vehicles shuttled from the launch point. One or two guests will float with each of our guides, stopping along the way to cast to beautiful trout. In the evening the guide will make camp along the river’s edge and will prepare a lovely dinner as the guests relax. For those who would like to continue fishing after dinner, camp water is a great place to match the evening hatch. In the morning after breakfast, our guests will float again and experience new water and spectacular scenery.


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