Current River Condition - Friday Afternoon

Current River Condition - Friday Afternoon

Here's the news from the river....

Over the past week the river has been dropping and coming into shape. It is still a bit on the high side, but it is very fishable and the clarity is good. 

You will do best if you stay above the White River - the tributary is adding quite a bit of volume to the Deschutes but the runoff is NOT muddy. 

Pictures speak louder than words, so here are a few I took at 9:00 this morning:

You can see that the water is a bit higher than the normal summer flows because the wooden dock in front of the Imperial River Company is submerged and the ramp that leads to the low concrete walkway just upstream of the City Park is also submerged.


Here is the view of the ramp at City Park and of the island just upstream of the Maupin bridge:

Nymph fishing will be your best bet - big beads and heavy flies are the way to go. 

We are here on Saturday but closed on Sunday. 

Tight lines! Amy & John Hazel

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  • Thanks for the intel as usual Amy!

    We were out there yesterday… the only two fish caught were mid afternoon on a small emerger in slow water in the foam line. Beautiful day and hopefully the river will continue to shape up.

    Jason Hill

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