Good Water Conditions

The crazy spike we saw in the river on Saturday, coming right out of the dam at Madras, took a couple of days to settle out and get back to normal flows. The river was not pretty on Saturday or Sunday, but it came back into shape nicely over the past two days and it is now right back where it should be for this time of year. 

Anglers stopping in today reported catching steelhead (one guy got a couple on the muddlers I suggested for him this morning) as well as nice trout. We have seen some strong hatches of blue winged olives on the overcast days, but the trout are really focused on feeding subsurface. You are going to find a lot more willing and eager trout while fishing bead head nymphs down deep or possibly streamers. 

Things have cooled down out here and the mornings are frosty now. Mid-day sun makes it warm enough to feel good standing crotch deep in 50 degree water (in waders, of course), and the sun's low intensity at this time of year makes for good fishing all day long. If it is shade you seek, you steelhead anglers in particular, then you shall find it all day long if you go to the right bends in the river. Sun in your face as you work your way down a steelhead run means that the fish have the sun at their backs and that sun will light up your flies, so look for those bends in the river that are oriented in that way to the sun.

If you are nymphing down deep, it doesn't matter what the sun is doing. The sun does not impact fish that are down on the bottom of the river. 

I just wanted to let you all know that the river is back to where it should be, the color is good both above and below the confluence with the White River, and all is well. Tight lines!! 


  • Thank you Amy!!

  • TY well be there for the day on Thursday.10

    Dennis Hemminger

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