In the Deep Freeze

In the Deep Freeze

Hello all! We, like most of you, have been sitting in a deep freeze for the past few days. The canyon got a few inches of snow - between 4 and 6 inches, actually, and many of the roads to Maupin are coated in ice and snow. Interstate 84 is closed to travel as I type this, and I would not be surprised if they closed the road over the mountain sometime today. 

We will be closed tomorrow (Thursday the 18th of January) but open again on Friday for any of you silly and crazy enough to brave the weather. 

The ancient heat pump in this shop simply cannot keep up with the cold temperatures, so we are struggling to get through 4-5 hours in here each day since the indoor temps are 40-45 degrees. It is chilly! It just started raining and the outside temp is 13 degrees. Not sure how that works....

Fortunately, the thaw is coming and we will be back to normal or above normal temps in a few days.

Unfortunately, we may see a spike in the river and it could become unfishable if the snow melt has no place to go. Sometimes these first big snowmelts are mostly absorbed by the dry ground, and or the runoff is caught by the little earthen reservoirs dotted about the high country. These little farm ponds will fill up with snow melt and will probably floweth over to produce some runoff into the Deschutes. We will keep you posted on that front. 

If you have REALLY had it with this weather - I have an escape plan for you. Come join me on Christmas Island in March (12-19 or 19-26) for a tropical week-long fishing trip in one of the most beautiful destinations you have ever seen. Not only is it beautiful, it is a fish factory for bonefish, trigger fish, several species of trevally, and much more. The lodge price is a low low $3290 for a full week of guided fishing (one-to-one guide to client ratio) and you can do this entire trip (including lodge price, airfare, tips, hotel one night in Hawaii) for under $6000. Yes, you heard that price correctly. These are all the species that you can pay $25K per week to fish in the Seychelles. The travel time is easy too - a day and a half to get there and you can be home in the evening on the same day that we leave Christmas Island. I will be there to host and to help you with every step of the way. Shoot me an email and I will get back to you ASAP - 

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