Last Post from Amy...for a while

Last Post from Amy...for a while

Hello Fellow Anglers!

This will be my last post for a while because I am off to Christmas Island. I will be there for two weeks and, if you have passport and will travel, you can jump into week number two October 17-24. Lodge rate is $2990 - everyone gets their own guide each day, and the fishing has been phenomenal after the island got a 37 month rest during COVID. It's like going to a brand new destination, yet the guides have everything dialed and the lodge is running smoothly. All in, all done, you would spend roughly $5500 for the week with airfare, tipping, etc. There are very few saltwater destinations where you can catch dozens of species, including GTs, at a price this low. A few folks have jumped in on this deal in the past week. 

NOW for the DESCHUTES - The White River is a problem and will likely continue to be a problem until things cool down. 80 degree weather on top of recent snow pack on the mountain is going to be a problem through the weekend. 

The White came back into shape yesterday and then blew out again at about 10:00 AM this morning (Friday). It is pretty bad down there below the White, but things keep changing daily and you may just have to come out and take a look. When things get cooler, starting on Monday, the White should start to behave.

We will not have any up to the minute information on the White River - this report is about it. The one guy manning the shop is not going to be able to tell you anything more than you are reading right here.

With that I wish all great times on the water and I will be catching up with the posts when I return.

Tight lines, 





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