Short and Sweet

Yep, that last fishing report was a long one - a real rambler. This one is going to be short and sweet because I have been solo in the shop with barely a moment to sit at a desk. I guess I haven't really written about the fact that the Great Resignation hit our fly shop, meaning that 3 out of 4 of our guides decided to seek their fortunes elsewhere. Alex is still with us, but busy guiding steelhead trips on the river. So, that leaves me alone in the shop, and I am working hard but loving it! If the phone rings a few more times before I get to it, that is probably because I have five customers in front of me and another phone on my ear. I try to wrap everything up by the end of each day - but I come in early to get work done before I open the doors. I have still been able to get the packages out in a timely manner for web orders. 

Fishing has been hit or miss for folks lately. On the whole, trout fishing has been good for people willing to try a nymph set up or a long dropper nymph below a dry. For those hell-bent on fishing only dry flies, they are finding the most success in the early morning light and the last light of the evening. 

The hatches are what I would describe as scant. There are BWOs here and there, October Caddis emerging nocturnally, and the odd smattering of craneflies, other mayflies, and such. Nothing is super consistent in terms of hatch timing, but anglers are reporting good action on our special Euro nymph patterns and have been returning to the shop to pick up more of the patterns that are working for them. Come on in and I will show you the magic patterns. 

Steelhead fishing is rewarding for those who are willing to put in the time. Lots of anglers have found success with floating lines and small flies after reading my last monster fishing report. One young man came in absolutely BEAMING after hooking two steelhead on two consecutive days on John Hazel's steelhead coachman. He had been fishing this river for years but had never hooked a steelhead on the swing. BAM - two in two consecutive days when he chose to swing. 

The White River has still been a non-issue this year. The river below the White is absolutely fine. There are quite a few people around because deer hunting is in full swing and the chukar hunting opens this weekend too. There are still lots of camps available - or there were about one hour ago when John drove off the river. 

Have a great weekend! Go Vikes! Skol! 


  • Thanks for not giving away any of my dirty secrets! lol.

    Really a nice time of year to be out there.

  • Lovely! i am back at it for a couple days. Went out a few hours this afternoon and your little blue magic got me another rainbow! I went single blue alone this time. No double nymph drop like before. Little guy still worked! Back at it tomorrow! And your right… there is just something about this river. I love it. She is a mysterious and challenging beast! So happy to have a home here in beautiful Maupin!

    jon stafford

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