Snowmelt Coming!

Snowmelt Coming!

We know it's been a while since Amy has posted an update/fishing report.  She and John have been on vacation for the month of April, traveling over the Atlantic to fish for migrating salmonids - thoroughly enjoying the time away from the shop before we start ramping up for May and the salmonfly hatch.  

We will hopefully have Amy post something in the next few days (or week), but for now, we have some beautiful warm weather coming our way.  This means snowmelt.  The chance for the rivers to swell is going to be greatly increased over the next 4-5 days.  Plan accordingly.

For the most part this last month, it's been a nymph game.  We have seen some BWO's, Caddis and a few Marchies sprouting off and around, but they have been far and few in-between.  We suggest fishing a double nymph rig (or Euro rig setup) until you see some rises - but be careful not to be fooled by the steelhead smolt.  They are everywhere and they are excited!  When you see porpoising trout - this is time to get excited and bring out the dries.  Until then, keep concentrating underneath.  

Big bugs?  Not as of yet.  The maestro John Hazel predicts Mothers day.  We have learned that most of what he says comes to fruition!  Lets see.    

Keep an eye on the weather and the flows on the USGS website.  Below are a few helpful links:


Moody Flows:

White River:

Tight lines, 


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