The River - Tuesday Morning

The River - Tuesday Morning

The Deschutes was looking good this morning. It is dropping and clearing and very fishable now. The good news is that a lot of anglers packed it up and left when the river was muddy, so it is nowhere near as crowded as it could be during the third week of May. Here are the photos from this morning....

Here are a few more pictures of the river that I took this morning. I will not be posting pictures daily from here on out, now that the river is clearing. If the river gets dirty again, I will let you know immediately. 


The weather is supposed to be nice and getting warmer and warmer leading into the weekend. The big bugs are peaking in the Maupin area and are now fairly well spread out to all parts of the river.

For those of you who have come to dislike this hatch because it is too busy and you never catch fish - wait a few weeks and come back out to the river when the yellow sally stoneflies are out. Dry fly fishing is really good all summer long if you have a good selection of caddis, mayflies, aquatic moths, craneflies, and yellow sallies. The crowds are gone, the fish are rested, and you can really have a blast hooking beautiful trout on dry flies.


  • Hey there Amy, Just wanted to say thanks so much for your reports. They really help me decide when to drive the 2 hours for my 1/2 day bombing raids on The Deschutes to grab some quality time. You and Derrick set me up with a fantastic Echo Eurpoean nymphing rod yesterday and were both so incredibly helpful with you advice on how to learn this great nymphing technique. I had a great day and a stretch of the river all to myself til nearly sundown and caught several nice redsides with the new rod and also got some very good size ones on some big ole sloppy stone flies after the sun got behind the west canyon wall. I really can’t thank you both enough. Was a great day for me. 👍😉

    Steve Leasia
  • Such great news! Hoping to be back in the water this weekend! Thanks for the continued updates Amy!


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