Today, Summer! This weekend, Spring! Next week, Winter!

Today, Summer! This weekend, Spring! Next week, Winter!

Weird weather coming over the next three days will make fishing challenging, to say the least. Today is glorious! It is supposed to reach a high of 67 degrees today, the sun is shining, and we have little to no wind. Today is the day to be out here!!!

Tomorrow, the wind will roar into the canyon and blow hard for two days as the temperatures begin to drop. By Tuesday of next week, the high temperature of today will seem like a dream as we shiver through a low of 9 degrees and a high of 27. A forty degree drop in the high temperature? Yep, it is still winter on the East side of the Cascades.

The water conditions in the Deschutes are exceptional right now. The river is blue and super clear - much like it used to be when we got 100% bottom release from the dam. These conditions may require that you back off a little on the super bright fluoro hot spot flies and use flies that are a bit more subtle and natural looking. 

There have been Blue Winged Olive hatches daily - though they are far more abundant on the cloudy days versus sunny days like today. Other dry flies seen regularly this time of year are size 14 brown caddis, tiny midges, and a flightless winter stonefly. For the most part, your most productive fishing will be nymph fishing. 

Speaking of nymphs, we are getting our big deliveries now and the fly bins (a few of which were empty) are filling back up. We are never out of Euro nymphs, of course, but there were certain bins that had been cleared out. Come on in and you will see those fly bins growing daily.

The weather on Saturday and Sunday is supposed to be quite windy. It is getting colder as we move into next week. Our pseudo-summer seems to be gone for now, maybe soon to return, but gone for now. 

It is Friday evening now - we were fairly busy today. So, I feel that I should get this report out before dark. 

Hope to see you tomorrow! We are still closed on Sundays.

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