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Swinging for steelhead on the Deschutes is back this year.Get out there and feel the tug.



I know you probably get a bunch of this but really appreciate what you and the staff do.  I have fished the river with my grandpa and dad since 1979. Until I embraced your shop and guidance I would go days without a fish. Thank you, guide Evan Unti, is the best! Now I wonder what is wrong if I go through a few of my favorite spots without a hook up.

M. Davis

I meant to send this earlier but things have been flat out lately. Thanks a ton for such a memorable day. Gillie and I learned so much from you. We were fishing this weekend and she straight up asked me if she could throw the two-hander, then proceeded to blast some beautiful casts with a Skagit line. I was smiling from ear to ear.

I am moving to Portland in October so don't be surprised if I show up in the shop this fall. Also, please let me know if I can do anything to get involved in the DRA.

Thanks again!

Andrew W.

My good buddy Dan and I recently took a long road trip to the river 
valley you call home early august this summer. We heard some great 
stories from a few buddies who had the pleasure of meeting John a few 
years back and had to see if they were full of sh*t or not with all 
the great memories they shared about the Deschutes and your shop.

Dan and I used guiding in AK and Chile to pay our ways through 
college, and now have since 'retired' to chase my dream of becoming a 
physician and Dan's dream of becoming a photographer. This trip we had 
planned for more than a year to take a break, reflect, and enjoy the 
process of learning new beautiful water.

The help and camaraderie we received upon coming to your shop was 
second to none. Admittedly, we hadn't an idea what we were doing at 
first and your insight really helped us swing with more confidence, 
and find the right type of water in searching for our fish. (Amy your 
fly accounted for all of our fish!)

Before I start babbling on for longer, what I'm really trying to say 
is thank you. You really helped make our trip special and it was 
fantastic meeting you two during our stay.


Gerrit Rauch

G. Rauch

I just wanted to thank you and the Deschutes crew. Despite the real windy conditions tonight, I was able to take something from everyone in the shop, put it together, and catch what was actually a really big, first floating leader/non intruder/warm weather summer steelhead just above Macks tonight. It was awesome.

John's fly and casting tips, Alex telling me to come when we talked Thursday, you teaching me to cast, telling me to take a nap and giving me some encouragement, and Evan's instruction (and it's his voice I hear coaching me up when I'm on the water - even from 2 years ago) - it takes a village! Everyone has given me so many game-changing tips and so much coaching - it's times like these that are so amazing and humbling at the same time. I knew nothing before I met you guys, and you put up with me and helped me develop the skills to do well on days like today.


Amy, Evan, and Ben:
Thank you all for a wonderful experience at Spey camp!  As a father, I have been looking forward to introducing my son to the world of Spey and the wonders of the Deschutes for many years. I was nervous at the start, as I wasn't sure how a 14 year old would respond.  I needn't of worried, your attention and support was world class.  Each of you went out of your way to show him proper spey casting and fishing technique that will last him a lifetime.  Most importantly, you kept it fun.  Your enthusiasm and love of the sport was infectious (unfortunately, so was whatever I ate prior to camp - it pained me not to be able to enjoy Ben's cooking, though John ate enough for both of us). 

John is super excited about Spey.  Since we got home, he has been talking non-stop about all the fun he had at camp.  He spent the afternoon with his sister and his flybox, making up new names for all his flies.  Ben, the fly you tied for him is a treasure (you will need to tie another, as this one, unfortunately, is probably too important to ever actually touch the water). 

Of course, he has also been asking me about every 30 minutes when he can get a Spey rod.  For my own sanity, please let me know what setup you had him using.

Tight lines

Brian & John

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