Conditions update for the weekend

Conditions update for the weekend

The atmospheric river flowing over the Northwest has arrived in Maupin overnight. We had rain last night and it looks like it will continue to sprinkle today. The biggest impact of the front is that the mountain is getting pounded with rain and that has caused the White River to jump up to 800 CFS. Yesterday, even as the White was rising, the river below the White remained fishable all day long. Today it may have a little color down there. Above the White seems to be okay thus far. There are a few other West slope tributaries, but none as significant as the White River. 

Use our website as a resource to check out the flow of the White River. A big spike usually means that the river will be brown, but brown doesn't necessarily mean a blowout down low. If the White River is spiking AND it is the color of a latte, then we will have problems in the lower river with visibility. 

For a detailed report on hatches and fishing right now, please look at the report I posted two days ago.

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