Seeing a few more bugs....

Seeing a few more bugs....

It is still very much winter out here on the Deschutes. You will face snow and ice coming in from any direction, but once you get here the roads are clear and the ground is bare. Early morning starts are not necessary at this time of year, the best fishing starts around 11:00 AM and the strongest hatches occur between noon and 2:00 PM. The Blue Winged Olives are still here, but they are joined by some large blue dun Baetis patterns (as large as size 14) with the same blue/grey/olive body with an opaque blue wing. We are also seeing some of the winter caddis fluttering around and these are also on the larger side of flies - choose size 12 or 14 elk hair caddis. 

Nymph fishing will continue to be the best bet for the greatest number of hookups. If you have a second rod that you can string up with dry flies so that it is a quick switch when the hatch starts, it's a good idea to have that second rod ready in order to maximize the hatch. 

It is chilly out here in the mornings - but the sun is shining on a partly cloudy party frosty landscape here in Maupin. The temps are supposed to reach the low 40s today and the mid 40s through the weekend. Using your car to shuttle from spot to spot along the 40 miles of fishable river outside of Maupin gives you the opportunity to warm your fingers and toes between fishing stops.

Okay - the rest of the fishing report is not about fishing. The rest of the fishing report is about the opportunity we have for a full-time position at Deschutes Angler Fly Shop. This is a retail sales position NOT a guide job.

"Where's the glory in working in the shop? I want to FISH!"

We have seen this response in the past when a wanna-be guide is offered a shop position. The reality of it is this, the shop position will give you FAR more time to actually fish in addition to amazing in-store discounts. Guides do not get to fish, they get to watch anglers, they row boats, they set up camp, they clean up camp, they cater to the customers' every need - but they do not fish. 

In order to work at the store as a full-time employee, you would ideally make Maupin your home base. When you live in Maupin you are no more than a minute from the Deschutes River and you have 40 miles of river that you can access and fish every day. How can you fish every day? As the days start to get longer, you will be able to fish before the store opens, after the store closes, and on every day that you have off.

Maupin is a great place to bank a bunch of money because entertainment is limited to a couple of bars and restaurants and that's about it. Cost of living in Maupin is relatively inexpensive when compared to Portland or Bend. It is a great place to meet other young people - the town is bursting at the seams with young energy in the summertime thanks to the huge influx of rafting guides and clients. The influx of anglers is quite noticeable in May when the salmonflies are swarming the banks, and you will be interacting with these visiting anglers to help them get to the river with the right ammo. 

Your fly shop job comes with pro-deals on every brand that we carry, as well as deep discounts for you on everything that we carry in the store. You will have hands-on instruction from some of the best in the business when it comes to selling gear, understanding gear, tying flies, rigging fly rods, and knowing the hatches. We will take you under our wings and teach you everything you need to know about fly fishing retail and then some. 

We would like to get someone in here ASAP to train before the craziness of May hits us. This is a great opportunity that will get you super well-connected in the fly fishing industry. This could be a long-term arrangement or a stepping stone to some other facet of fly fishing. We are accepting resumes via email: and via mail PO Box 190 Maupin, OR 97037.

Come join our team and have some fun!


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